Q-Optics Prismatic Loupes


As Beautiful as it is Revolutionary Advanced materials and nose-relief design combine to create the most lightweight and ergonomic prism dental loupe ever introduced. Machined Titanium unibody housing allows lenses and prisms to be aligned and affixed in a unique optical cage. Carbon fiber shrouds provide extreme weight reduction and nose relief for the steepest ergonomic angles. Strength and rigidity of construction ensure lightweight comfort and long-lasting life. Prismatic (Expanded Field) 3.5x, 4.0x, 4.5x Q-Optics Prismatic loupes feature a greatly expanded field of view and edge-to-edge clarity. Machined titanium unibody housing and carbon fiber shrouds provide extreme weight reduction without compromising optical performance. Nose-relief design, combined with the TrueFit measurement system, achieves the steepest ergonomic angles. True-Fit Technology True-Fit™ Technology, a Q-Optics exclusive, helps ensure that your custom TTL Dental Loupes are the perfect fit for you. The human face is one of the most subtly complex parts of the human body, and the fit of your dental loupes should be more than determining the width of your eyes. Q-Optics True-Fit™ Technology digitally captures all your necessary facial features and frame fit characteristics. Custom measurement, custom fitting and custom fabrication are what set us apart. Features True ergonomic customisation True-Fit Digital Loupe Fit Technology Lifetime Guarantee on Titanium frames, optical seal, bond of telescope to frame, and cracking of the frame lens Lightweight Anti-Fog Lenses Pure Titanium Frame Soft silicone nose pads Waterproof telescopes Scratch resistant coating
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