Review Generator, Displayer and Bad Review Screener


As practices with the highest number of reviews, get the most web traffic, it is very important your practice has, and displays, good reviews. As many clinicians don’t feel comfortable asking for reviews, we have developed a Review Generator, Displayer and Bad Review Screener. All you have to do is email your patient our end of treatment review questionnaire and once they have completed this, their review will automatically be uploaded to your review displayer, which can easily be added to your existing website and linked with your Google and Facebook pages. In the event a bad review is left, you will be given the opportunity to screen it and decide if you want to display it. This will allow you to contact the patient and address or correct any issue they may have had. Display your best reviews directly on your Home Page for people to see when viewing your practice on their mobile phone. When a patient clicks on the testimonial displayer it will open up displaying your most up to date, positive reviews.
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