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What is a Dental Chatbot or Digital Receptionist? A Digital Receptionist/Dental Chatbot is an interactive way your patients can communicate with you and your dental team. They can help with new patient enquiries as well as offering detailed information on the dental treatments your practice provides. To put it in its simplest terms, a Dental Chatbot allows your patients to have a conversation with your practice digitally via automated systems. Here is an example of one for you: https://talktoadentist.co.uk/demo-bot/ Our Digital Receptionist is based on a Dental Chatbot, but has been programmed by dentists so it can perform many of the same tasks your reception team will carry out. The main difference being our Digital Receptionist can talk to multiple patients at the same time and offers 24/7 assistance to your patients. How does a Dental Chatbot work? The Dental Chatbot is placed on your existing website by using some simple code. This can easily be done by the people who manage your website or we can do it for you. Once placed on your website your patients can interact with it. This valuable information is the emailed to your reception team. What are the benefits of Dental Chatbots and our Digital Receptionist? *24/7 assistance *Saves you money *Increase treatment sales *Help with Dental Emergencies *Provide a better level of service to your patients *Instant Response *Help improve patients oral hygiene *Tap into your existing patients *Answer patient questions *Patience - No rush to make an enquiry *Increased customer interaction *Gain a deeper understanding of treatments your patients Why not Check out our 60 day free trial to see it in action.
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