LM Sharp Diamond Instruments


Opposites attract. This holds true with high-quality, periodontal instruments. Optimally they are razor sharp, extremely hard, yet smooth and light. A new micro membrane coating made using modern Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology enables LM to create LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments with the optimum combination of these features. LM Sharp Diamonds™ are completely sharpen free, tough but refined, offering unique benefits for you and your patient. Sharpen free micro coating You will enjoy full control and improved tactile sense, while easily shaving off calculus instead of fracturing it. Savings of time & money Long-lasting superior sharpness Highest rated ergonomics with sensational grip* Improved productivity & clinical results The sharpen free instruments are especially suitable for clinicians who want ergonomic, high quality hand instruments that naturally feels good in the hand, but also want to minimize the time spent maintaining dental instruments. Instruments with LM Sharp Diamond™ coating can be used like normal instruments and are suitable for all forms of depuration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRllJNBdTM4 LM Instruments available with Sharp Diamond coating (all ErgoSense handles): LMDSDES0315 LM-SharpJack LMDSDES0301 Micro Sickle 301-302 LMDSDES0311 Mini Sickle 311-312 LMDSDES0313 Sickle LM 23 313-314 LMDSDES0146 Scaler H6-H7 LMDSDES0219 Columbia 4L-4R 219-220 LMDSDES0227 Barnhart 5-6 227-228 LMDSDES0215 Dual Gracey Syntette 215-216 LMDSDES0215M Dual Gracey Mini Syntette 215-216M LMDSDES0201 Gracey 1-2 LMDSDES0201M Mini Gracey 1-2 LMDSDES0207 Gracey 7-8 LMDSDES0211 Gracey 11-12 LMDSDES0213 Gracey 13-14
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