LM Arte Posterior Kit


LM-Arte is a set of innovative instruments for aesthetic restorations and designed especially for composite layering. Each instrument is colour-coded and named by its main function to enable easy, efficient and quick restorative treatments. LM-Arte Instruments have been developed in co-operation with Style Italiano, a study group of passionate clinicians and researchers specialised in restorative dentistry. Full set of instruments for posterior restorations in LM-Servo 5 cassette including: LM-Arte Posterior Misura, LM-Arte Cusp Misura, LM-Arte Fissura, LM-Arte Modella, LM-Arte Condensa. LM-Arte Posterior Misura: Posterior version of the popular Misura instrument. Designed for horizontal and vertical measuring of thickness of composite layers on posterior restorations. The fork shaped tip of the instrument allows measuring and modelling of the composite wall with the presence of a matrix. LM-Arte Cusp Misura: unique instrument for estimating cusp thickness and height for evaluating the need for cusp preparation when performing adhesive restorations LM-Arte Fissura: Sharp pointed tips for modelling of occlusal surface structures LM-Arte Modella: A very thin and flexible spatula for transporting and modelling of the composite LM-Arte Condensa: A long and round plugger especially for modelling composite Kits available with ErgoMax or ErgoSense handles (Images show ErgoSense handles)
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