Save More Teeth with Biodentine™! Launched by Septodont nearly 10 years ago, Biodentine™ is a must-have product when it comes to Vital Pulp Therapy and the treatment of deep caries. Acknowledged by more than 800 publications worldwide, Biodentine™ has saved millions of teeth around the globe. Now, Biodentine™ opens a new door for teeth showing signs of irreversible pulpitis – a condition that until now was dooming the tooth to root canal treatment. Following the ESE (European Society of Endodontology) position statement for managing exposed pulp; supported by 3 clinical studies run over the past 3 years showing 95% clinical success, and validated by Septodont’s notified body, Biodentine™ can now be used even for teeth showing signs and symptoms of irreversible pulpitis, as long as haemostasis can be achieved within 5 minutes. This could represent not less than 85%* of all cases. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind properties, dentists can extend vital pulp therapy using Biodentine to irreversible pulpitis conditions, which allows complete dentine bridge formation. The treatment is minimally invasive to preserve as much tooth structure as possible and the patient is immediately relieved from the pain associated with the inflammation. The Bio “bulk-fill” procedure of Biodentine™ allows the practitioner to use only one material to fill the cavity, making it easier to use. Septodont’s proprietary breakthrough Active BioSilicate Technology ensures high biocompatibility alongside bioactive and regenerative properties, and the high purity tricalcium silicate means no shrinkage and an absence of aluminates and calcium sulfates. With its restorative, paediatric and endodontic qualities, Biodentine™ isn’t just for “special” cases, it’s a superior, quality product with amazing capabilities that should be used in everyday cases where dentine is damaged.