Curasept ADS 350 Gingival Gel


Curasept ADS 350 Gingival Gel is a chlorhexidine anti-microbial gel with patented Anti Discolouration System. Curasept ADS 350 Gel is a topical anti-plaque gel, offering all the benefits of Curasept Mouth Rinse but in a higher strength gel. It contains 0.5% chlorhexidine, and is intended for short-term, intensive use, offering effective protection against plaque and caries. The gel is alcohol free and contains Curasept’s patented Anti Discolouration System which reduces staining and taste disturbance, often caused by traditional chlorhexidine based products. Curasept ADS 350 Gel is recommended for use in patients with gingivitis, periodontitis, receding gums, caries, care after oral surgery and mouth ulcers. CUR02141 Curasept ADS Regenerative Gel 350 Box of 100 x 30ml tubes
Oral Hygiene