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Zendium Complete Protection toothpaste is a daily fluoride toothpaste which contains natural antibacterial enzymes and proteins to boost the mouth's natural defences For healthy gums in 4 weeks*, strong teeth, less plaque, and up to 12h fresher breath naturally.** Zendium toothpaste tubes are made of > 60% plant-based plastic and come without a carton box to reduce waste. SLS free, triclosan free, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.​ *Refers to 4 weeks of product use in a 26 week clinical study, China 2019 n = 109. **In vivo study on 93 subjects during 4 weeks, regular use, UK 2017.
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Zendium by Unilever It’s time to rethink mouth health. Meet Zendium – a toothpaste brand from Unilever that is designed to nurture the mouth – not fight against it.   Zendium is a SLS-free, fluoride toothpaste that is clinically proven to improve the oral microbiome by boosting good bacteria.* Why is this important? The oral microbiome is a delicate ecosystem of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. When in balance, the mouth remains healthy. But when ‘bad’ bacteria dominate, oral problems can occur. Zendium is clinically proven to significantly boost ‘good’ bacteria and reduce ‘bad’ bacteria, helping to improve the oral microbiome.* Zendium’s pioneering formula contains natural antibacterial enzymes and proteins inspired by saliva’s own protection mechanisms to help balance the bacteria in the mouth. The gentle ingredients are also 4x kinder** to the delicate tissues of the oral mucosa.  For strong teeth, healthy gums and fresher breath. Clinically proven.   Ideal for patients who want a kind and natural, but effective, daily toothpaste, including:     Those looking for more natural products      Patientsnwith ulcers or a dry mouth      Pregnant women  Unilever is one of the world’s leading toothpaste manufacturers, committed to providing a range of oral hygiene products to address every patient need which are backed by proprietary science and technology. Zendium is one of two toothpaste brands currently available in the U.K. from Unilever Oral Care. The Zendium range includes a selection of adult toothpastes, kids toothpastes, a mouthwash and manual toothbrush. Available to purchase on Zendium.co.uk, Amazon and Ocado.   You may also be interested in REGENERATE Enamel Science from Unilever – ideal for patients with early signs of enamel erosion.   * Adams S.E. et al. Sci. Rep. 7 (2017) 43344. Refers to the oral plaque microbiome and the relative abundance of bacterial species with a known association with gum health or disease after 14 weeks of brushing twice a day with Zendium when compared to baseline. **Green A et al. J. Dent. 80 (2019) S33–S39. Zendium is 4x gentler on soft tissues, 30 minutes after use, as measured by fewer soft tissue lesion counts. Clinically proven, UK 2016, n=30. Zendium (containing Stereth-30) compared to a standard fluoride toothpaste containing SLS. † IPSOS study, Denmark, 2020  ‡ Terms and conditions apply to patient sample orders