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The smile is the focal point of the face and everyone’s most important feature.  

Studies have shown that the smile is what most people notice first when meeting each other

for the first time and what most people rate as the most important feature in

finding someone attractive.  

This is why are WhiteWash Laboratories we want to help EVERYONE find the perfect

solution for your patients to achieve a healthier, whiter smile.  

We understand that every patient is unique, so we have created the largest

professional whitening range available anywhere. This will allow you to work

with your patient to design a bespoke treatment tailored to their needs, helping

to make sure they have a smile that people will remember!  

All WhiteWash Laboratories products are developed by UK dentists and all comply

with the European Cosmetics Directive – they are safe, effective and are

designed not just to give white teeth but HEALTHY WHITE TEETH.   


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