Linx Hub - Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot


Linx Hub is a rugged portable WIFI hotspot that can easily be set up in any location, environment or terrain. Designed with mobility in mind, the unit’s numerous features can vastly improve connectivity in a wide range of situations. Using our patented DDMI technology, all systems are integrated in to one user-friendly interface so all functions can be controlled with ease. With these various functions also having a dedicated user page, anyone can operate the Linx Hub. Key Features • One button deployment - supporting ease of use Dual SIM - for enhanced cellular roaming • Wi-Fi – connect authenticated devices to corporate radius server • Built in GPS - for improved location tracking and monitoring • Touch screen interface – displaying network control, cellular settings and lighting • Lighting – range of lighting presets for alerts and enhanced visability • Durable outer casing - for high pressured environments Long life battery – approximately 8 hours • LAN and WAN ethernet ports – for fast and flexible data transfer • Flexible charging options - including 12VDX and 240VAC
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