4G Extra - Unsteered Roaming SIM


Not all networks have strong coverage everywhere. Most SIM cards force your device to stay connected to the primary network or their preferred partner even if the signal is poor. This is called steered roaming. 4G Extra SIMs are unsteered and deliver connectivity across all the major networks in a single SIM. The SIM has no preferred partner network and automatically detects and connects to the strongest available signal with no user intervention. Our unsteered 4G Extra SIMs always prioritise connectivity and are great for keeping critical applications online, regardless of location. Customers who are on an Excelerate 4G Extra Pooled Data Plan are free to use as little or as much of their data as and when needed. One of the biggest problems this solves for our emergency services customers is that data usage can be almost impossible to predict, especially if there is a major incident where a large amount of data is required in one go. Not only is there a cost issue if users exceed the data allowance, fair usage policies can also slow-down the quality of service which can have devastating impacts. We also bill annually so our customers do not lose any data at the end of each month and are free to top-up anytime.