iLockerz Drop-Off and Collection


iLockerz can be implemented indoors or outdoors in Drop-off & Collection mode to accommodate the smart delivery and collection of packages, parcels, keys, laundry and other essential items or provisions. These systems make it possible for any organisation to facilitate a 24/7 deposit and retrieval facility, connecting customers with purchased goods and employees with work equipment. As well as being convenient, iLockerz drop-off and collection lockers provide a contactless, safe experience for users, thereby delivering a solution that meets the demands of modern living and safety considerations. Each locker is programmed to deliver a fully automated and trackable process in real-time, achieving a seamless service whilst creating many other opportunities for organisational growth and improvement.
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iLockerz LtdiLockerz produces a range of world-leading intelligent locker systems to the emergency services, providing solutions to the storage, tracking and asset management needs of the police, fire and rescue, and ambulance services - no matter how simple or complex the requirements. ​ Unrivalled in their capabilities, these automated electronic lockers come with the most advanced management software and most innovative hardware available, which has earned iLockerz recognition in many arenas, with accolades from panels such as Innovation 50 for being one of the UK’s most forward-thinking companies. ​ Approved by Made In Britain, iLockerz uses only the highest quality components to deliver a fully secure space for storing, charging, delivering, or collecting items, whilst ensuring a convenient, straightforward user experience. ​ With vast experience across the field of public safety, iLockerz has developed locker systems in different sizes and configurations to accommodate a wide range of items and equipment. Installations have been placed in a variety of environments both indoors and outdoors, demonstrating a flexibility and capacity to fulfil commissions on all scales.  ​ The team at iLockerz are always to understand each client’s needs at a deep level, to allow them to offer the right solution for the challenges at hand, and working closely with customers as a trusted advisor is a role that suits the team well. Embracing the latest tech and innovation is at the core of iLockerz to ensure that each cutting-edge locker system that rolls off the production line delivers more than just complete security to customers, but also improves operational efficiency, effectiveness, workplace satisfaction and user experience, whilst also driving profitability forward for clients.