4G LTE Solutions for Emergency Services


Wireless solutions built to keep emergency services safe and efficient when it matters most. For officers on the frontlines, wireless connectivity is a life-line. They rely on fast and always-on access to critical applications and data to perform their mission, whether in a vehicle, station or in the field. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and wireless routers unlock the power of 4G LTE and 5G — including nationwide public safety networks like EMS — for bulletproof connections to MDTs, surveillance and body cameras, sensors, on-board diagnostics, and beyond. Cradlepoint helps officers better perform their duties safely and efficiently. Connect everything vital to modern law enforcement: - Any type of vehicle - Headquarter and field stations - Mobile command centers - Dispatch and 911 facilities - Surveillance cameras - Drones and robots Learn more: https://cradlepoint.com/solutions/for-public-safety/law-enforcement/