Control Rooms


Complete range of technology and services for emergency control rooms Routinely responding to thousands of 999 calls daily, our services provide a dedicated, high standard, fast response service to meet the safety needs of the public. To technically support the emergency services in the most effective, streamlined way possible, we design, build and install integrated Command and Control information and communication systems. These systems are at the heart of their operations, dependant on multi-channel data communications networks, data-storage and innovative high level IT applications, enabling reliable command and control functionality across large scale operations. These comprise Wide Area Networks (WAN), enterprise-wide cabling, data-storage and innovative high level IT applications, enabling reliable function across large scale operations. London Ambulance and numerous Fire and Rescue Services have selected our solutions. We enable effective management and coordination of their front line teams, vehicles and control rooms through our communications, computing and information technologies, which converge seamlessly into their mobile platforms. Handling of major incidents requires joint collaboration between multiple services. Smarter communication makes the difference between life or death. This further drives our solutions for sophisticated support networks of reliable open line communication with interoperability capabilities. The accuracy and speed of disseminating incident information to appropriate emergency support vehicles and control rooms, provides the crucial, unified operational picture for all involved. See how our solution can benefit your organisation and improve situation awareness at every level of the command pyramid.
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