Claw Holder for Samsung ESN Device - XCover FieldPro


The Samsung XCover FieldPro ESN device can be clipped into the Peter Jones (ILG) Claw Holder with the screen facing inwards or outwards. The Claw Holder features a KLICK FAST Connector on the rear to enable the Samsung device to be carried hands-free on clothing and body vests, when paired with our range of KLICK FAST Docks. The Claw Holder features a practical key in the form of a flat-head extrusion that can easily unlock the locking screw on the rear of the XCover FieldPro, thereby allowing tool-free access to the battery. 3.5mm jack cable or USB cable retention and routing ensures the the device and cable remain secure but the XCover FieldPro can be quickly and easily disconnected from the cable and holder for charging in the Samsung Desktop Dock. Option of adding an antimicrobial compound into the Claw Holder material at added cost.
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