NEW - Magnetic Garment Mount with KLICK FAST Dock


The Magnetic Mount with KLICK FAST Dock is one of the most versatile of Peter Jones (ILG)'s range of KLICK FAST Docks and can be attached instantly to any piece of clothing and in any desired position. It's the ideal solution if you don’t want a KLICK FAST Dock to be permanently sewn or screwed into garments. Simply slip the back plate behind the garment or in a pocket and then place the front plate featuring the KLICK FAST Dock over the outer garment. 8 high-strength magnets will hold the mount firmly in place. The KLICK FAST Magnetic Mount allows you to securely attach any KLICK FAST-enabled body-worn video camera, two-way radio or other device to clothing and armour vests. This new, improved Magnetic Mount with KLICK FAST Dock features: - a low profile, keeping the attached device as close as possible to the body; - two one-piece mouldings with 8 x high-strength, rare earth Neodymium magnets that hold the mount and device firmly in place; - a lightweight design, weighing 143g approx. Dimensions: 90mm x 75mm x 20mm
AccessoriesBody-worn videoESN coverage testingHandset/portablesLone workingPagersRuggedized devicesSurveillance equipmentWearables
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