Water Management


A Water Management solution for those who have to record and manage access to water information, for the purposes of providing accurate and timely water information for the purposes of firefighting, including Water Officers, Water Managers, Field Technicians and Fire Crews. Using our knowledge of hydrant management within the UK emergency services our goal is to develop a new Water Management solution that provides a simple, intuitive interface that supports office and field based data entry, management and retrieval. A solution that allows the Services to reduce administrative overheads and concentrate on the actual business of providing accurate and timely information to operational crews. The Water Management solution is Cloud Hosted and Web based to allow the Water Management process to be more flexible and to facilitate hot-desking and mobile working as well as to simplify data sharing throughout the Service and between Services. Cloud Hosting increases flexibility, enhances deployment, fault investigation and systems updates and decreases local IT infrastructure, backup and security requirements. Working closely with existing 3tc clients and with input from a wide range of hydrant management users across the UK this new application has customer requirements at the forefront to ensure the solution far surpasses current products.