Good information saves lives and MODAS delivers this straight to your crew Fire and Rescue Services ability to react quickly and efficiently, armed with knowledge, can make a difference in both the safety of its employees and the public it serves. Incidents vary greatly so Fire and Rescue services need a comprehensive mobile solution that provides a complete and credible system for operational crews to conduct thorough risk assessments, make critical decisions, communicate with the Control Room, and direct crews. Our software delivers all this and more. MODAS Professional increases your efficiency and excellence Fire Services use MODAS Professional to ensure effective communication between control and vehicles on the move. Used Internationally and by a third of UK Fire and Rescue Services, MODAS Professional leads its field. * Incident Command Features * Comprehensive integration with CAD systems and with Airwave, 4G, ESN, WiFi etc. * Fully integrated with and FRS Back Office Data Systems * Centralised MDT management * Faster Response * Increased Efficiency * Operational intelligence available at the touch of a button * Enhance Incident Ground Safety & Management * Improves Decision Making * Easy to Use and Train Additionally, we also provide MODAS Mobile app which is a powerful smartphone application, enabling your workforce to be operationally aware of what is happening on the incident ground in real time.
Mobile/in-vehicles terminals