Nexus HIU


Sonic are delighted to announce the new audio solution for law enforcement, military and homeland security professionals. Working closely with end users, we have designed and developed the new Nexus HIU to help the operative work even more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Where a direct connection for a Nexus terminated headset is required the Nexus HIU offers rugged flexibility. Options available: Single radio with volume control Dual radio PTTs Integral Microphone Wireless remote PTT Molle compatible clothing clip Tones transmission Reliable radio Communication is a critical resource supporting the effective operation of Civil and Military vital service providers. Sonic Communications (Int) Ltd are proud of their position as global leaders in the provision of radio accessories and services. With credentials of the highest order established through operational success on every continent over a period of 40 years, Sonic Communications strive to continually provide clients with reliable, robust equipment designed to meet their specific operational challenges.
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