The Mission-Critical Ecosystem


In public safety, getting the right information at precisely the right time is critical. But today, the technology used by agencies to share information faces big challenges, from scaling data and siloed software, to failure-prone systems and short lived investments. And toggling between devices and operating systems is inefficient, expensive, and can be dangerous in a mission-critical environment. You need a technology ecosystem that is purpose-built for you and your public safety workflow. At Motorola Solutions, we’ve created the first and only mission-critical ecosystem designed specifically for public safety. Founded on customer-centered research and development, and reinforced with 90 years of mission-critical expertise, it’s an ecosystem only we could build. Our ecosystem unifies radio and broadband communications, integrates software solutions end-to-end, intelligently captures and analyzes video, and keeps your technology performing and evolving. A single platform - where communications, software, video and services operate seamlessly together - to reveal the insights which drive meaningful change. Our mission is to never stop advancing it - so more crimes can be prevented, more disasters averted, and more cases can be solved.
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