The journey to mission critical 4G and 5G

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 5:15 PM to 5:45 PM · 30 min. (Africa/Abidjan)
Sponsored Session


 This session will address themes such as:​ 

  • What use cases will mission-critical 4G and 5G enable​ 
  • Ericsson’s view on the overall journey to mission-critical 4G and 5G 
  • What could be the role of the Communications Service Provider in this journey 
  • Recent developments in the mission-critical space   
Manuel Ruiz
EricssonEricsson is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers. We enable the full value of connectivity by creating game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, adopt, and scale, making our customers successful in a fully connected world.   Built on the strength of our ICT portfolio and leveraging our leadership in 3GPP technology, Ericsson deploys Mission Critical Networks for our leading partners in the public safety and critical infrastructure industries in multiple countries. Ericsson’s investment in research and development and our expertise in network design, deployment and maintenance empower the delivery of next generation mission critical mobile broadband communication solutions, which are high-performing, secure and resilient. Ericsson’s Mission Critical Networks portfolio is leading the transformation of critical communications with ever advancing 3GPP technology for public safety agencies, government bodies, utilities and rail companies across the globe. Empowering an intelligent, sustainable and connected world   For more than a century, our technologies have transformed every sector of society, helping to create positive change. We remain committed to leading this journey. Building on our founder’s core belief of making communication available for all, we have been the driving force behind some of the most powerful technologies known to mankind. Our industry is one of the few that touches almost everyone, everywhere on a daily basis, and by 2020, 90% of the world’s population will be covered by mobile broadband networks. We hold more than 54,000 granted patents that have transformed lives, industries and society as a whole.   Our technologies together with insights into how they can solve business needs and real-life problems create transformative change in society. By developing and delivering new communication technologies that are easy to adopt, use and scale, we enable an eco-system of players to innovate on a cost-efficient platform. These innovations are catalyzing new ways for people and companies to connect and prosper. We empower our customers to connect people and transform industries, as well as address some of the most pressing challenges of our time like climate change, and in doing so create a more sustainable world.