Roger-GPS is the only European manufacturer (in Finland) of indoor GNSS repeaters (Global

Navigation Satellite System) of GPS & Glonass & Beidou & Galileo for mission critical, PNT and instruments services. Roger-GPS Oy together with its predecessor Sparklike has over 15 years of experience of PNT and GNSS re-radiation products development and export business. Roger-GPS is present through partners in all continents selling 100+ countries. 

In UK FalTech is working as distributor for Roger-GPS. Faltech has supplied and installed repeater systems in several hundred fire and police stations, providing continuous, live GNSS signal to Mobile Data Terminals in fire appliances and police officers’ personal radio devices. 

Roger-GPS is present in all GNSS markets (

In Critical Communications market we provide products: 

- Repeaters, splitters, amplifiers, antennas and installation accessories for GPS L1 &L2, Glonass G1, Beidou B1 and Galileo E1 frequency bands 

- Emergency response agencies use GNSS services in their daily incident operations, Time To First Fix (TTFF) is essential through Roger-GPS GNSS repeaters.

- PNT services for time syncronisation in all LMR,LTE,5G and IP networks 

- RF to Fiber solutions of Optical Zonu Corporation 

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