The processing power and storage of today’s premium smartphones is immense – comparable to high powered laptops. It is no surprise that smartphones are the preferred technology to enable greater productivity for staff and mobile workers in virtually every aspect of business and Government Yet, while the small screen size and touchscreen keyboard of a smartphone are extremely useful for mobile roles, many workers still revert to their laptops to complete “office” type activities – those tasks which are screen and/or keyboard intensive, such as completing reports, etc. Today, this means that many businesses issue both a Smartphone and a costly laptop to their staff/mobile workers. Mirabook from Miraxess is a “laptop shell”. It looks just like a laptop, with its screen, keyboard, speakers and battery. However, as a passive device it has no processing power, nor storage capability. Once a smartphone is connected to its display port the Mirabook presents the smartphone screens in desktop style – and a fully connected desktop experience is the result. Mirabook removes the need for an expensive laptop, and as a passive device it removes security issues such as: - Theft: if a Mirabook is stolen it would reveal no data at all to anyone – as there is nothing stored on it - Mobile device management: unlike a laptop, Mirabook does not need any device management – which removes an overhead (and security risk) from CIOs/ITDs Additional benefits of Mirabook: - With no operating system, no processor, or storage capacity, the life-cycle of a Mirabook far exceeds that of a laptop (where new processors/new operating systems determine a c. 3- year life cycle). Mirabook life-cycle is 6-8 years - The environmental impact of Mirabook, with many less components, is much less than a laptop - When compared to a laptop, Mirabook reduces your TCO by up to 70% Mirabook from Miraxess: a step-change in mobile working productivity
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