Digital Ethics: Building and Sustaining Trust in Policing

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM · 30 min. (Europe/London)
Conference Room C
Plenary Session


'Doing the right thing in the right way’ is the first principle set out in the Code of Ethics, the standards by which all in policing live and work.

Applying ethics to policing is continually evolving, and digital technology – central to delivering effective policing – is bringing new ethical opportunities and challenges.

Technology is not inherently good or bad, but the use of technology can amplify and accelerate both positive and negative impacts on society. To ensure that data and technology are used with care and in a way that builds and sustains trust, the ethics of technology – digital ethics – must be at the heart of every police force’s future digital strategy.

In this session, Sopra Steria will explore the emerging area of digital ethics in policing, drawing upon primary research recently undertaken by its highly acclaimed Digital Ethics Practice. The team will cover a range of ethical considerations, including bias in tools and technology, ethical capability, and accountability and data sharing.

Jen RodvoldMillie WatersNicholas Wild