Cloud-First Policing: Why 360-Degree Communications Integration is the Key to ESN Readiness

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 10:45 AM to 11:15 AM · 30 min. (Europe/London)
Conference Room C
Sponsored Session


The next few years will see major changes in how the UK Emergency Services operate. As your Blue Light organisation plans for a future of budget-cuts and public scrutiny, it must also embrace the roll out of ESN. This poses a considerable set of challenges: 

1. How can you ensure the technology under-pinning your communications is secure and reliable, while following the government’s cloud-first strategy?  

2. How can you choose a solution that lays the groundwork for a future of efficient, digitized policing, while ensuring ESN readiness? 

3. How can you access omni-channel communications recording, for 360-degree incident reconstruction? 

4. How can you integrate your communications systems with those of other services, for cost-effective, nation-wide service delivery? 

5. How can you deliver radical technology change without risk to your critical day-to-day services? 

By choosing a cloud-based solution with deep integration capabilities, your organisation can combat these challenges, and reach ESN readiness without disruption. Join Content Guru to discover why 360-degree communications integration is the key to ESN readiness, cloud-first
policing, and topping the 999 call league tables in the government’s Beating Crime Plan.  

Colum Gorman