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Established in London in 1947 Panorama Antennas is a privately owned family business, now in its third generation, and is a leading designer and manufacturer of antennas for wireless communication. 

Serving the public safety, consumer wireless, in-building and M2M & IoT industries, Panorama employs over 100 staff, has 4 subsidiaries (USA, France, Australia, Singapore), 5 international sales offices and retains all design, development and manufacturing at its headquarters in Wandsworth, London.    

Supporting a diverse range of communications, Panorama Antennas line of products are versatile and durable by design, in addition, provide dependable performance in even the most extreme and rural environments. Trusted by thousands of professionals and consumers the world over, our antennas are depended upon to provide communications even in the most challenging conditions. With over 70 years’ experience in delivering world-class antenna products, Panorama’s current product range reflects our unparalleled expertise in providing high-quality performance antennas.  

The leading antenna supplier to public safety organisations: 

Panorama Antennas is the leading antenna supplier to public safety rganisations around the world. Our success is built on understanding the evolving needs of the public safety sector, which is driven by the increasing requirement for communication systems in vehicles, whilst at the same time, reducing installation costs and improving vehicle residual value at end of service life.  

Ready for ESN: 

Panorama Antennas is ready for ESN, with a wide range of high-performance antenna solutions that ensure a flawless ESN installation. Panorama has a complete range of MiMo multi-function antenna solutions, which are easy to install and provide a pre-defined MiMo  performance.   

Product Design and Customisation: 

Panorama Antennas is renowned for its ability to design antennas to specifically meet the customers’ needs. This could involve modifying an existing product to give it a new frequency, cable length, connector configuration or might require a brand new design. As with our standard product line all our bespoke antennas are rigorously tested to ensure they work perfectly in the real-world operational environment. 

Proud Recipient of Prestigious Industry Awards: 

Panorama Antenna’s products have received several awards including: 

• LGMM Great White MiMo Vehicle Antenna – Winner, 2014 FCS Gerald David Award for Innovation in Business Radio. 

• GPSB ‘Sharkee’ Multifunction vehicle Antenna – Finalist, Category for Best

TETRA innovation - 2015 International TETRA Awards 2015. 

• GPSD ‘MiMo Sharkee’ Multifunction Vehicle Antenna – Winner, 2016 FCS Gerald

David Award for Innovation in Business Radio. 

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