Multitone Electronics

British APCO Member


Multitone Electronics are critical communications experts. With our powerful integrative platforms, our resilient design know-how and suite of communications methods and devices, we can offer you a robust, comprehensive communications solution for your most demanding of working environments.

Our technology and expertise are deployed within emergency services across the UK and Ireland, delivering time-critical messages which save lives; such as mobilising a cardiac team in a hospital, or a fire station’s retained firefighters. But thanks to the diversity and adaptability of our solutions, Multitone also ensure school teachers working in challenging environments can get immediate access to support and assistance directly to their location at the press of a button, and provide the communications architecture for large, complex retail and commercial sites.

Whatever your communication needs, Multitone can provide the answer, whether it’s in the form of on-site comms systems and devices, wide-area broadcast systems, smartphone apps and Cloud services, or all three. We offer product and service options which meet the needs of many different industries and organisations, be they large or small, supported by 24/7, 365 days-a-year UK customer services.

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