To be truly collaborative we need to be truly connected 

Capita has been delivering hosted services to some of our Public Safety clients for over 15 years and, as our portfolio has evolved, we can now launch our Public Safety Ecosystem, that, with our market-leading client footprint in the UK, will deliver game-changing collaboration and partnerships for any Public Safety organisation. 

Clients will be able to realise immediate benefits from the use of shared services, resources, data and infrastructure that deliver flexible, scalable and economic platforms for the delivery of mission-critical operations.  

  • ControlWorks™ - Providing a hub for smart, safe and secure city infrastructure our platform can integrate a wide array of communication channels, sensors and data sources, using configurable workflow and automation, to effectively and efficiently manage intelligence, security, demand and response.     
  • DS3000 - The UK's leading Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS) and the first to successfully achieve ESN NATS approval, proof of concept trials and DCS accreditation.   
  • Vision - The UK's leading integrated Control Room solution for Fire and Rescue Services.    
  • 999eye - provides live video streaming to support situational awareness and decision making in Dispatch Centres with media instantly accessible for sharing across organisations and into the field to provide insight and promote safety when responding to emergency calls.    
  • Device Managed Services - The UK's premier provider of mission-critical device managed services for emergency services. Delivering and supporting 150,000+ radio and other devices across the UK for some of the largest police forces and national organisations. 

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