Leveraging Catalytic Capital: The Role of Philanthropy in Innovative Finance (Livestream Recording)

Mangupura Hall
Impact InvestingStrategic Philanthropy


Philanthropists increasingly spur investment in opportunities that are aligned with their values, and seek pathways to both increase wealth and contribute to socio-economic development in their communities. Deployment of catalytic capital via innovative financing structures has emerged as a rising trend in philanthropy. Catalytic capital, provided by philanthropy and public funds, can lay the groundwork for mainstream investors to participate in blended finance transactions.

This session aims to showcase successful examples of catalytic capital investments and different avenues of patient capital deployment, to support philanthropists in mainstreaming catalytic capital investments. The panellists will also discuss the challenges and constraints in the deployment of catalytic capital, as well as the opportunities for philanthropy, the public, and the private sector to collaborate.

Key Takeaways:

  • To learn how philanthropists deploy catalytic capital to achieve the SDGs
  • To identify challenges, opportunities, and best practices for participating in innovative financing mechanisms through catalytic capital deployment
  • To identify opportunities for multi-stakeholder collaboration between private sector, public institutions, and philanthropists in deploying catalytic capital