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Urologists performing robotic or laparoscopic renal surgery appreciate the many benefits provided by VTI’s 8 MHz Drop-In Doppler probe. Surgeons choose VTI’s Drop-In Doppler to guide dissection & isolation of the renal hilum and aberrant vasculature during these complex procedures. With over 25% of patients presenting with variations in their renal vascular anatomy, the VTI Drop-In Doppler probe provides a SOUND SOLUTION to the challenges of robotic renal surgery. During robotic surgery, the Drop-In Doppler is placed into the operative field through the assistant port. It can then be manipulated by the console surgeon via the robotic instruments. Unlike intraoperative ultrasound, the VTI flexible Drop-In Doppler fits into small spaces and provides precise, pinpoint localization of the vasculature. It is ideally suited for facilitating hilar dissection and for confirming ischemia after clamping.

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