ROSI - Remotely Operated Suction Irrigation

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A new paradigm for suction and irrigation in robot-assisted surgeries. Why are robotic surgeons limited by the use of traditional, rigid laparoscopic suction irrigation (S/I) systems in their robotic procedures? While a traditional “lap sucker” may suffice in robotic surgery, often the robotic surgeon needs the ability to control S/I from the console. Rigid S/I probes may not be able to reach difficult to access areas. Precise suctioning may be required around delicate structures or oozing vessels. And rigid probes cannot be effectively angulated or manipulated in narrow/small spaces. ROSI xT provides the robotic surgeon with the “flexibility” to switch from assistant controlled to console controlled S/I, as well as from rigid to flexible S/I. This provides increased surgeon autonomy and improved access within the surgical field. By incorporating a flexible distal tip that can be passed through most 5mm ports, the ROSI flexible S/I probe can be dropped-into the surgical field and manipulated with robotic instruments. A foot pedal provides the robotic surgeon with complete control to remotely activate and deactivate suction and irrigation. Control of suction and irrigation can be seamlessly handed off to the bedside assistant by exchanging the flexible S/I probe with a traditional rigid cannula and utilizing a second foot pedal. The ROSI system has also become a critical tool for urologists performing single-port (SP) robotic surgery.

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