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The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG) is the largest medical group in the United States—and one of the most distinguished. Our 9,300 physicians and 40,000 nurses and staff are leading the transformation of health care. Through nation-leading quality, preeminent research, and superior technology systems, we are delivering superior clinical outcomes, and having a positive and often life-changing impact on the health of our 4.4 million patients in Northern California. 

In partnership with Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan in Northern California, we are a leader in disease prevention, early intervention and world-class specialty care treatment, including cardiovascular, perinatal and neurosurgical care, sepsis survival, and more.

Our physicians innovate every day for better outcomes for patients, supported by some of the most comprehensive disease registries in the world and an integrated health care model. From our world-class electronic health record to a seamless care experience for our patients, we set the standard in health care. 

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Speak with physician recruiter, Victor Ramirez during the following times:    

  •   Friday September 10:  10:00 AM to 2 PM, Pacific Time     
  • Monday September 13:  12 Noon to 3 PM, Pacific Time  


Hello and thank you for visiting our AUA virtual recruitment booth and your interest with The Permanente Medical Group!  I am the Urology recruiter for our group! It’s a pleasure to meet you! 

We currently have several excellent Urology opportunities in Northern California:   

  •  General Urology 
    •  Santa Clara, CA   
    •  Santa Rosa, CA   
    •  Vacaville, CA   
    •  Fresno, CA   
    •  San Francisco, CA   
    •  Manteca, CA     


  •  Urology-Oncology 
    •  Santa Clara, CA     


  •  Transgender/Reconstructive 
    •  San Francisco, CA      

Should you want to learn more about our opportunities, please forward your CV to me by email when you are able so I may immediately review your credentials and contact you soon. My email address is:

I look forward to our collaboration with your search.  

Thank you for your time today and stopping by our virtual booth!  


Victor Ramirez

Urology Recruiter

The Permanente Medical Group

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