HARA is a global & open blockchain-based data exchange enabling everyone to make better data-driven decisions. On the HARA data-exchange, participants are encouraged to submit and acquire data through a robust incentive system that empowers every participant to engage in mutually beneficial interactions. 

Starting in the food sector, HARA aims impact the lives of 0.8-1 billion people around the globe. In the future, HARA will look to expand its availability to the value chains of the health, education, mobility, and recreation sectors, to the benefit of billions more. 

Since 2015, HARA has been developing its own mobile application, dashboard, and data collection model for smallholder farmers. In Indonesia, we have already made valuable agricultural data available to several key industry partners, enabling them to expand their offerings to thousands of farmers and others parties working in the supply chain. In 2018, HARA is expanding its operations to other equatorial countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. 

HARA was founded by serial entrepreneurs Regi Wahyu & Imron Zuhri, both co-founders of Dattabot, Indonesia’s leading big data analytics company. The company is based in Singapore and Jakarta, and works with a strong team of experts, investors, and advisors from multiple sectors on a global scale. 

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