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At LOS SUPERCIVICOS we seek different ways to generate civic awareness using humor, technology .  We have more than 2 millions of followers in our social networks,   and we use that large audience, not just to send our civic messages with humor, but also as a motivator to applaud the authorities that solve the problems that we denounce 

For us, the main problem of our country México, and we could say of many countries of the world. It is not the inequality, the hunger, the corruption, or the injustice. Our main problem, is the CITIZEN APATHY.  Because we are apathetic citizens, all other problems grow without our realizing it.  

For LOS SUPERCÍVICOS, it is essential to solve as citizens the obstacles that we have in front of our sidewalks. If we are not able to solve those simple problems , we can never aspire to solve the bigger ones.


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