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medVC is a company creating innovative solutions for telemedicine.

Our main product is a telemedicine platform for medical professionals enabling real-time audio-video communication and the usage of specialised medical services. The medVC platform allows to connect interactively to the operating room from anywhere, using any device. medVC makes it possible to send multiple ultra high quality video streams coming from surgical cameras, microscopes, endoscopes and other medical equipment. The doctors can pause videos, draw on the picture, collaboratively work on DICOM images, record a session or even broadcast it live over the Internet. Furthermore, medVC can transmit stereoscopic (3D) video from surgical robots or 3D endoscopes. All these features make medVC a superb remote collaboration and education tool for medicine.

The medVC platform was created for medical professors, surgeons, young doctors, and medical students for remote interactive collaboration, in-surgery second opinion and remote medical education.

At ArabHealth 2023 we will also present the new medVC Recorder with AI support. With this device you can record videos from up to 6 medical devices simultaneously.

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