PhenoDrive is a biomimetic substrate material that allows you to control the phenotype of your cells by recreating their natural environment. PhenoDrive is a family of products available in a range of formulations for different cell types. It induces the organisation of cells into 3D tissue-like structures even in 2D culturing conditions. The multifunctional nature of PhenoDrive means it can be used as a coating, in suspension, or as a bio-ink - offering a simple and effective scale-up reducing experimental optimization and associated time and costs. PhenoDrive is provided as a stable powder that is reconstituted and used at room temperature – removing the need for working on ice, which is uncomfortable for the operator, impacts cell functionality and viability, and is time-consuming and costly. In contrast to opaque gel-based substrates, it is optically clear providing optimal conditions for microscopy, facilitating manuscript-ready images for quicker dissemination. PhenoDrive offers up to 15 days of stable culture conditions - longer experiment times allow for more in-depth and longitudinal studies with reduced experimentation costs and improved reproducibility It offers an easy-to-handle alternative - reconstituted in cell media it is easy to pipette providing optimal reproducibility, reducing repeat experiments and costs associated. Overall, PhenoDrive offers highly reproducible results due to it being a synthetic material, unlike natural or recombinant substrates which suffer batch to batch variability, which can delay experiments causing costly repeats.
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