DRX9000 Physiotherapy Spinal Decompression Machine


The DRX9000C® can be added to any existing DRX9000® True Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System or purchased as a combination system. The DRX9000C® relieves patients’ neck (cervical) pain through a detachable headrest. The DRX9000C® is an effective option for treating: Herniated discs Degenerative disc disease Bulging discs The DRX9000C® provides patients a program of treatments for relief from neck pain. Application of cyclic forces decompresses intervertebral discs, achieving pain relief associated with herniated discs, protruding discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome, and bulging discs. To add the DRX9000C® to your existing DRX9000® please contact us today.
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