Biodetector BD500


The unique Biodetector BD-500 (duly validated and CE certified) provides all the functions and technologies (based on photonics techniques and highly efficient engineering solutions) necessary for the efficient and accurate measurement/detection, in real time, of viruses and other bioaerosols, such as airborne bacteria, spores etc. inside objects where biological contamination is strictly limited. Compact BD500 can be used independently or as a part of disinfection equipment and could be implemented into a local network. The design of the BD500 allows installation on a shelf or on a wall while maintaining the convenience of reading information, as well as taking it with you in a specially designated case whenever you go. BD500 is manufactured individually for each customer in accordance with the requirements of sterility in the rooms where the device will be used. On April 15, 2021 Perfectus Biomed Ltd (a quality driven laboratory, with ISO 9001 certification by BSI for the development and provision of standardised and customised biological test services) has finalised assessment of the ability of Biodetector BD-500 to detect airborne viruses. The results suggest that the Biodectector BD – 500 is able to detect airborne Murine norovirus and Human rhinovirus. For more details please visit:
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