Holder Bed Sheet provides for a comfortable sleep for those who have urinary incontinence problems thanks to its silky upper surface. *Silky soft surface *Protective bottom layer to prevent leakage *Comfortable sleep *Protective outer surface that does not allow liquid to leak on to the bed
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PAKTEN SAGLIK URUNLERI SANAYI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKETIMU.B11We, as Pakten Health Products Co., are manufacturer of Baby Diapers, Adult Diapers, Adult Pants, Wet Wipes, Bed Sheet, Liquid Soap and Baby Shampoo in Gaziantep, Turkey since 2000. Pakten's greatest principle is to produce quality products and to bring its consumers together with the products of the latest technology. Exporting 70 percent of its manufactured products, Pakten has been among the Top 1000 largest industrial enterprises of Turkey since 2013.All our products are produced under ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate and our delivery term is very short depending on production capacity of 1.6 billion baby diapers, 78 million adult diapers, 10 million wet wipes and 2.700 ton liquid soap per year with last technologic production lines.Our baby and adult diapers were clinically tested by reputable German laboratory ‘Dermatest GmbH’. Dermatest has 3 different type of test depending on sensitivity level, those - Normal, 3 Star and 5 Star Premium Quality. Our goods passed all clinical tests of Dermatest and have been awarded the 5 Star Premium Quality award. Thus, the quality of our products has been approved by German Dermatest Laboratory.In addition to this we have been awarded the Oeko-Tex certificate by passing hundreds (over 500) tests conducted in independent, reputable laboratories of the world, which conduct tests to ensure that it does not contain harmful substances and can be used safely in babies / adults. We are the first and only company among the manufacturing companies to be entitled to award this certificate.For further details about our company you may also visit our website at www.pakten.com.tr