ALCHOSEPT® Hands and skin Disinfectant is a fast-acting professional hands and skin disinfectant recommended for frequent use in medical offices for disinfection before and after each contact with patients. Protective and moisturizing substances maintain the lipid balance of the skin. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS • Very good immediate and residual effect; • Excellent skin tolerance to prolonged and frequent use; • Recommended for hygienic or surgical hand disinfection; • Fast-drying, no-rinse; • Not sticky sensation on the skin after application; • Certified virucidal and bactericidal action; • Tested according to EU regulations in force. ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: Ethanol, concentration in metric units 85%. Purpose: It is used as such for hygienic and surgical disinfection of hands. Instructions of use: For hygienic disinfection of hands: apply 3 ml and rub hands for 30 seconds. For surgical disinfection of hands: apply 3 ml, rub hands for 1 minutes, then add 3 ml and rub hands again, for 2 minutes. We recommend removing jewelries or accessories from your hands before use. Prior to application, the skin of the hands should be clean and dry. RECOMMENDED USES • In hospital institutions, operating rooms, intensive care units and infectious diseases departments; • In ambulatory or emergency transport and treatment; • In laboratories; • In hospital kitchens and canteens; • In medical practices for all disciplines; • In home care of patients.
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