STERISOL™ high-level disinfectant


STERISOL™ high-level disinfectant RTU is a high-quality product intended for long-term use in professional and medical environments. Successfully cleans and sanitizes objects, instruments and air in the rooms. For critical and semi-critical surfaces and invasive and non-invasive instruments, equipment, It can be used to disinfect equipment, containers and utensils in beauty salons, industrial, pharmaceutical, as well as home surfaces. It is suitable for various surfaces such as those intensively used or circulated (wood, floors, faience, PVC, stainless steel, glass, plastic, furniture, ceramics, chairs, furniture, consultancy sofas, toilets, newlyweds). PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS • RTU high-level disinfectant; • Certified biocidal action; • Aldehydes, phenols or alcohol free; • Quickly dissolves protein residues; • Compatible with any material; • Tested according to EU rules. Purpose: Surface disinfection, microaeroflora, instrumental. Instructions of use: Surfaces: It is sprayed directly on the area requiring cleaning or disinfection and evenly distribute the active solution over the entire surface and over the objects to be disinfected. Allow to act for a minimum of 5 minutes. It does not require rinsing. Instrumentation: Clean the instrument from coarse-grained dirt, if any, then immerse it in the solution. Allow to act according to the action times recommended in the Data Sheet, then wash with sterile water. RECOMMENDED USES • Medical offices and hospitals; • Pharmaceutical industry manufacturers; • Public institutions; • Household users.
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