Breath analyzer HEALTHMONITOR®


Breath analyzer HEALTHMONITOR® is a joint development of Scientificcoin LLC and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Human exhalation contains more than 750 volatile compounds; HEALTHMONITOR® conducts a quick test on human body status by measuring the concentration of gases in exhaled air. Human breath analysis is a new and promising technique. It allows controlling biochemical processes and is non-invasive, which makes it accessible and safe. Volatile organic compounds from metabolic processes are formed in the body, travel through the bloodstream, participate in alveolar exchanges and subsequently appear in exhalation. HEALTHMONITOR is a tool for effectively building workouts, indicating biological phases, assessing the current physical level. Breath analyzer is based on spectral analysis. For data analysis, we create unique algorithms using modern neural networks. Technology has no analogs in the world. The sports version is already certified in UAE and European Union.
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