YOURmeds Smart


YOURmeds supports people to take the right medication at the right time with support from their network of family and friends. On average YOURmeds increases medication adherence to 85%, the WHO recognises that only 50% of all medication prescribed is taken as intended. Increasing medication adherence improves health outcomes and increases the independence of users. YOURmeds users can nominate up to 5 people from their network of friends and family to help them become more adherent. 10 minutes after the initial alarm the first supporter is informed via the supporter app. The supporter app is available on Android and the Google playstore. We know that one in four of our adherent rounds is due to a supporter intervention. By increasing the circle of care around an individual the carer burden on the primary carer is reduced. Each medication round, when it was accessed, if the right medication has been accessed, missed or taken late including multiple wrongs and all supporter notifications are logged on the dashboard providing a complete audit trail. Our technology is digitally inclusive enabling individuals with poor technology literacy to access technology enabled care. Our oldest user is 97 years old and our over 79 year old users are the most adherent with a 90% adherence rate. YOURmeds is powered by a roaming SIM ensuring that the technology works from the minute it gets into the users hand. Filled and delivered by pharmacies, the YOURmeds solution can also work with pharmacy robots allowing pharmacies to deliver our solution at scale.
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