Congenica Clinical Decision Support Platform


Congenica clinical decision support software enables genomic insights and life-changing answers for more patients, faster than ever previously possible, giving you the power to analyze and interpret complex NGS data, automatically, with the highest efficiency, accuracy and confidence. This empowers healthcare professionals everywhere to transform the health and wellness of people around the world, making personalized healthcare a reality. Congenica is the only CE Marked IVD software for clinical diagnosis of rare and inherited genetic disorders that is available globally in both cloud and on-premise deployments and can fully integrate with laboratory information systems for seamless transfer of patient data and reports.  Congenica software has enabled Genomics England to achieve a 50% increase in diagnostic yield for patients and a 95% reduction in NGS data interpretation times at an unprecedented scale of over 2,700 whole genomes per week. Congenica’s platform was developed with a genome-first approach, able to simultaneously process multiple whole genomes, exomes and gene panels in minutes. The platform automates variant classification workflows, supporting accepted clinical standards and reducing testing turn-around times. Key performance measures include: 20x faster analysis manual effort reduced by 95%  30% higher diagnostic yield in heterogeneous rare disease cases  Congenica simplifies and speeds up workflows in busy clinical laboratories through artificial intelligence (AI) – using both automation and machine learning (ML) methodologies. Congenica’s class-leading variant prioritization enables you to automatically identify disease-causing variants with greater accuracy than any other program – instantly focusing your analysis on the variants that matter most. Congenica is setup to fully integrate inbound and outbound data into any laboratory information system, enabling fast, accurate processes delivering your data directly where it is need
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