Surface Disinfection Products


Alcohol Wipes: Cleaning and sanitation wipes made of mixture of soft cotton material. Alcohol wipes materials mixture has soft touch and ability to remove and absorb dirt from thermometers probes and other food contact equipment. MediSurf: Liquid disinfectant with 10% quaternary ammonium salts that ensure a broad-spectrum disinfection from fungi, viruses, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It is suitable for the requirements of hygiene and disinfection of hospitals, doctor offices, and nursing rooms. It counters the risk of cross infection and ensures maximum safety in every room and at the hospital. MediTec: Detergent disinfectant with deodorizing action. Its special formulation based on synergic action of quaternary ammonium salt with high concentration of isothiazolinone ensure maximum protection from bacteria, fungi, and molds. MediScale: Anti-scale with disinfectant action, should be used regularly to prevent the formation of lime scale deposit beside illuminating bacteria and fungi. The special formulation helps to loosen the stubborn scales deposits with no need of scrubbing. It removes soap stains, rust, scales, and fungus, and prevents the formation of the limestone. Leaving the surface more shiny.
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