CARAT II pro ventilator can be used invasively and non-invasively from a breath volume of 50 ml and can treat all forms of respiratory failure with a maximum ventilation pressure of 50 mbar e.g.:  COVID-19  Obstructive ventilation disorders (e.g. COPD)  Restrictive ventilation disorders (e.g. scoliosis, thorax deformities)  Neurological, muscular and neuromuscular disorders (e.g. diaphragmatic paralysis)  Central respiratory regulation disorders From controlled ventilation to assisted and intermittent ventilation, this ventilator covers all areas of ventilation including the weaning process. CARAT II pro can be used with a double-tube system as a life-sustaining device or with a valve-controlled single-tube system for life support. The turbine and the integrated battery of CARAT II pro offer an independency in difficult situations. The large display and the clear, intuitive menu navigation ensure safe operation even in challenging situations. Ventilation curves and loops in the monitor area allow to check the quality of ventilation at any time and to react quickly to changes in your patient's resistance and compliance. You can achieve the best possible ventilation and monitoring of the patient through extended monitoring with SpO2 measurement and FiO2 monitoring (optional accessories).
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