Riester Telemedicine Solutions


On show at Arab Health this year will be three different telemedicine solutions 1. The Riester Telemedicine Cart / Diagnostic work station A diagnostic work station, medical grade cart with integrated PC, ZTS Camera and telemedicine software. This seamlessly integrates with a wide selection of medical devices from Riester. 2. The Riester Telemedicine Case / Mobile diagnostic case A portable Telemedicine case with functionality similar to the cart but contained within a medical case designed by Riester. 3. ri-sonic digital stethoscope with eMurmur digital auscultation software
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Rudolf Riester GmbhS1.H39At Riester, we have a proud history of excellence, developing the highest quality diagnostic medical devices with a no compromise approach since 1948. We take pride in our reliability, from research and development, to quality control and production of the highest standards.In 2007, Riester was acquired by Halma plc, transforming Riester from a family-owned business into being part of an international group of companies. Through trust and partnership, Riester has developed a global reach, offering products to over 150 countries worldwide!Achievement, Innovation, Empowerment and Customer Satisfaction are Riester’s core values, that are integrated into all aspects of our daily business.Understanding our customers’ needs, and meeting them with our high performance diagnostic products, has been crucial to our success and longevity. It allows us to meet their expectations and help them face the challenges they encounter in healthcare. At Riester, we share the passion of everyone involved in healthcare, that is why we are investing in digital transformation and innovative solutions.The Riester brand is now being extended to the world of Telehealth, connected devices and AI diagnosis, delivering a high-quality Telemedicine solution to Riester customers globally. This will help solve the challenges faced by hospitals and healthcare systems today, and for the future.The Riester name has ensured trust for over 70 years in the Medical Device market and can now be the name to trust in the Telemedicine market for the next 70 years and beyond.