Glubran Tiss 2


TWO COMPONENT SKIN ADHESIVE EFFECTIVE Fast wound closure (40-60 sec) Excellent cosmetic results Prevention of infections Reduction of trauma and inflammation EVEN IN PATIENTS WITH CONGENITAL COAGULOPATHIES RELIABLE AND INNOVATIVE The two monomers (NBCA+OCA) give: High tensile strength and improved elasticity Polymerization temperature 45°C lower than other skin adhesives (80-90°C) SAFE No tissue necrosis due to low polymerization temperature Tissue biocompatibility Waterproof and breathable antimicrobial barrier EASY Ready to use Easy to apply PRECISE The fluidity of the product, ergonomic bottle and dedicated tip allow a controlled release of the glue even in difficult to treat areas VERSATILE 3 sizes: 0,25 ml, 0,35 ml, 0,50 ml COMFORTABLE Painless Transparent and water-resistant No dressing required Spontaneous detachment after 5-8 days Suitable for children and uncooperative patients COST ADVANTAGES No product waste No check-ups needed No anaesthesia
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