Double Arm Pendant – Engine Driven Standard


Installation Space: Mounted on the ceiling by straight connection support and rotatable around its vertical axis up to 340 degree. Standard Item’s Technical Specifications (1 Single): Product Code : MG-PENx-MD-S x: a (Anesthetic), c (Surgery), g (General) Product Name : Double Arm Pendant – Engine Driven Standard Number of Joints : 3 Carriage Capacity : Max 300 Kg Vertical Movement : 65 cm Gas Equipment : Variable according to project Electrical Equipment : 8 X Electric Sockets, 4 X Electric Sockets Operating Temperature : (+10) - (+45) C° Power Supply : 220 V 50 Hz Horizontal Arm Length : 2 x 100-120 cm Packaging Type : Wrapped Package Product Main Raw Material : Aluminum Extrusion Profile Color : RAL 7035 & RAL 9016 Monitor Stand : 1 Pcs Monitor Stand with Drawer : 1 Pcs Accessories: Gas outlets, IV Stands, Instrument basket, Vacuum carrier
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Megasan Medikal Gaz Sistemleri A.S.S2.C30Megasan Medical Gas Systems, entering the sector in 1981 by providing mounting and maintenance works, our Company brought its mounting and maintenance experience together in 1992 to start producing central medical gas systems products. During the ten-year period to have passed ever since, the Company is heading, with its sensitive technological equipment and custom-built factory building, toward becoming a leader in the sector.Adopting a strategy that is parallel to the worldwide process of globalization with a mentality that knows no boundaries in scientific and technologic improvements, Megasan continues its studies and activities toward becoming a leader in the world sector. Emphasizing R&D activities to that end, it continues its new products complying with world norms, and product diversity.Along with products complying with the Technical Specifications of the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, customs products based on customer request are also designed and manufactured.Based on the existing capacity of hospitals, projecting services are provided for all kinds of installation works as from the stage of manufacturing to on-site mounting works. This includes the renewal and perfecting of existing systems and the adaptation of existing systems to each other as well. All of our products are CE certified and comply with ISO standards. Our facility has also received Ghost Certification.We are proud of saying: The quality of our products is our best reference.