Hikoneb OxyBreath Mini 5L Concentrator


Kare Medical proudly presents the new OxyBreath Mini series, Mini 5 . Both with the non medical look, low volume design that saves transportation costs of providers and makes the therapy easier for patients. Mini 5 is for patients that require regular therapy in a smaller and power efficient platform. Key Points Ultra low volume decreases shipping costs (288 pcs in a 20' container) Very small visual appearance and non medical look Low power consumption&less heat production Small, Silent and Reliable. One of the smallest and power efficient 5 Liter concentrator one the market. No maintenance required for 2 years Silent operation Optional oxygen monitoring Technical Specifications Part Number OXY6500 Operating Voltage 220-240V / AC Mains Frequency 50-60 Hz. Power 330 W O2 Monitor - High Oxygen %O2 > 82% Low Oxygen %O2 < 82% Technical Service Required < 70% Oxygen Flow 0,5-5 LPM Oxygen Saturation 1-5 L 93 ± 3% Operating Pressure 0,07-0,09 Mpa Operating Temp. 5-40° C Gross Weight 17,75 Kgs Net Weight 15,75 Kgs
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